Drug Immunity: It’s Schuette’s Law

Drug Immunity: It’s Schuette’s Law

Legislators are responsible for the laws they support.  Cast a vote and you bear responsibility.  But sometimes legislators go the extra-mile to pass a law, and thereby bear extra-responsibility.  That’s the case with then-Senator Bill Schuette and his support for Michigan’s disasterous drug immunity law, which he guided through the Michigan legislature in 1995, and which leaves victims of medicines that harm or kill helpless to seek justice.

In addition to casting a final vote in support of Michigan’s drug immunity law, Bill Schuette also played the following roles:

  1. He was a sponsor of the bill.
  2. He was Chair of the Committee on Economic Development, where the bill was first introduced, and which ensured the bill made it to the Senate floor.
  3. He spoke at length in support of the bill on the Senate floor.
  4. He was a Senate conferee on the committee that produced the final version of the law.

Michigan’s one-of-a-kind drug immunity law is Schuette’s law.  There’s no question.  The only question is whether he will protect victims in Michigan and lead the fight for its repeal.

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