Protecting Our Military Service Members At Home

Protecting Our Military Service Members At Home

Our military members serve us — and with much on the line.  All too often, however, our soldiers abroad or at home are targeted by scammers who want to take advantage of them and their families.  This activity is despicable and it’s the job of the Michigan Attorney General to keep our soldiers safe.  But right now, Bill Schuette is failing to do so.

Scammers come in many shapes and sizes.  Take for example  This military-themed website directed veterans and service members interested in using their military education benefits to for-profit colleges by strongly implying that the federal government sponsored the website.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, along with twenty other state attorneys general (but not Michigan), led the fight that eventually shut down the website.  As General Conway said:  “This company preyed on our veterans who received educational benefits as a result of their military service to our country.  The actions were unconcionable and purposefully drove veterans to for-profit colleges who were perhaps more interested in getting their hands on the federal benefits than in educating our soldiers and their families.”

Other abusive and deceptive acts include predatory mortgage lending and even foreclosing on the homes of service members who are serving us abroad.

As of today, thanks to the innovative thinking of the Attorneys General in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and North Carolina, AGs around the nation have a new legal toolkit to help protect our service members at home.  The Indiana AG has a great website devoted just to this issue.

The “People’s Lawyer” fights for consumers and this toolkit is a great place to start.  But as we discussed in an earlier postthe Michigan Attorney General needs to go further.   Much further.  The states of Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Illinois all have a basic weapon for the fight that Michiganders lack:  a consumer protection act — the bread-and-butter of consumer protection.  Everyone in our state needs this weapon, but especially our military service members.  We don’t send our soliders into battle without a weapon, and we shouldn’t let them return home without one either.  Rather than being silent, Bill Schuette should be leading this fight.

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