Health Care

Schuette’s first act in office was to renew the state’s lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.  And even after the Supreme Court upheld the law and the President won re-election,Schuette helped lead the charge against a state-established health exchange.  And he did so despite the fact that Governor Snyder supported the state taking the lead to create its own exchange so the state, rather than the federal government, could design a system best for Michigan citizens.  Even the conservative editorial page of the Detroit News came out in support of the state-run exchange and castigated Schuette for “letting his political stripes outshine his role as the state’s top legal adviser.”  Unfortunately, Schuette was able to work with the legislature to delay the state exchange until it was too late to implement.  Now instead of Michigan citizens shaping their own future and carving out state-specific savings, the state will have to turn over some of that power to the federal government.

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