Our response

Michigan deserves better.  Every child and every family, every worker and every senior – everyone in this state – has a fundamental right to be safe.  It’s the foundation for everything held dear in life.  And the Attorney General’s number one job is to defend that right.  Bill Schuette’s focus on serving his party, his patrons, and climbing the political ladder has compromised this critical mission.

Every four years Michigan citizens choose their Attorney General, but this movement is about demanding accountability now, rather than waiting in silence.  Here are four initial commitments we should expect and demand of our Attorney General:

  • Demand that Schuette make the safety of Michigan citizens his first and last priority, rather than focusing his time and attention on narrow, highly-charged, partisan issues that use limited state resources and distract him from doing his job.
  • Demand that Schuette lead the charge to restore Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act,so we can enter the marketplace in confidence and have the same safeguards as people in every other state.
  • Demand that Schuette lead the charge to repeal Michigan’s one-of-a-kind drug immunity law, which he sponsored in 1995 and which gives drug companies complete immunity when their drugs hurt or kill our citizens.
  • Demand that Schuette be smart on crime, rather than just talking tough on crime, by joining with other government, faith, and advocacy partners to reduce the recidivism rate, prevent future victims, and save taxpayer dollars, while pushing for smart reforms like drug courts, smarter parole and probation policies, and education investment that stops the cycle before it starts.